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Suggested Activities

With so much to see and do in Rouge Park, planning your outing can get tricky!

Here are some ideas to help you make the most of your Rouge Park adventure. Choose by activity, how much time you have, and kid friendly venues.

What would you like to do?

  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Canoeing
  • Fishing
  • Swimming and beach activities
  • Picnics
  • Group Picnics
  • Nature Photography
  • Bird Watching
  • Road Cycling
  • Hiking
    Hiking trails vary from easy to challenging and show you a variety of scenery.


    • Camping is available at the Glen Rouge Campground in Toronto. No camping is permitted outside of the campground in other areas of the Park for your own safety, and to protect the sensitive ecosystems in the Park.
    • Camping with tents, RVs and trailers at the Glen Rouge Campground
    • Backpackers and Touring Cyclists at the Glen Rouge Campground


    • Recreational canoeing at the marshes at Rouge Beach is a relaxing and fun way to spend a couple of hours. Scenic views of the marshes, river, Lake Ontario and a variety of birds.
    • No rentals are available in the Park. Please bring your own equipment when you visit.
    • No motorized boats or other water vehicles are permitted in the marshes or on the river.


    Swimming & beach activities

    • Swimming at Rouge Beach
    • Sun bathing
    • Sand and fun!


    • Families and small groups visiting the Park do not need a permit for picnics. Picnic facilities in the Park in Toronto are limited, often only 1 or 2 picnic tables, no BBQs and no water or washrooms.
    • Please bring "litterless" meals where possible and pack out what you pack in. Do not use off-trail areas for picnics and do not leave waste behind; it is bad for the plants and attracts animals who are better off eating the food nature provides in the Park. Please do not feed the animals, it's not healthy for them and they may get aggressive with people.

    Group picnics (20 or more people)
    These areas have picnic shelters, water, BBQs, washrooms and plenty of parking. Permits are required, please contact each area directly.

    Nature photography

    • Forest wild flowers are often most colourful, and forest birds are often most active in the Spring.
    • Meadow birds and insects are usually buzzing with activity, and meadow wildflowers are most colourful in Summer.
    • Scenic outlooks

    Bird watching
    Bring your binoculars and your field guide. Who will you see today? Click on the images and hear their calls.


    Red-tailed Hawk

    Yellow Warbler

    • Rouge Beach (and marshes) - A variety of wetland and shore birds such as Trumpeter Swans, Snowy Egrets, Red-Winged Blackbird.
    • Woodlands Area- Forest species such as Red-Tailed Hawks, and Downy Woodpeckers.
    • Mast Trail - Forest species.
    • Cedar Trail - Wetland and meadow species near southern sections of the trail, forest species in northern sections.
    • Woodland Trail and Woodlands Area - Forest and meadow species.

    Road cycling
    There are many scenic roadways for you to cycle on in Rouge Park. See cycling routes in the Park.

    Cycling off-road is not permitted in the Park due to sensitive natural ecosystems. Trails are for hikers only.

    Some of these routes are part of the City of Toronto's Bikeway Network, see the City of Toronto Cycling Map.

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    How long can you stay?

    1 hour

    2 hours
    • Glen Eagles Vista A short walk and scenic view, then visit Twyn Rivers Area and the Celebration Forest, see Little Rouge Creek at Twyn Rivers Area
    • Rouge Beach short walk at the lakeshore and bird watching at the marshes, canoe in the marshes
    • Rouge Beach swimming, sun bathing, sand castles
    • Woodlands Area walk in the woods, listen for the birds, see Little Rouge Creek
    • Vista Trail to Orchard Trail, loop to return to Twyn Rivers Trail head
    • Cedar Trail, return to Pearse House Trail head on same trail (no loop), bird watching at wetlands near south trail head
    Half day
    • Rouge Beach - walk at the lakeshore, bird watching at the marshes, swimming, sun bathing, sand castles, see a scenic view at Glen Eagles Vista then visit Twyn Rivers Area to see the Celebration Forest, and Little Rouge Creek.
    • Woodlands Area - walk in the woods, listen for the birds, see Little Rouge Creek, take the Cedar Trail and enjoy bird watching at the wetlands near the southern trail head
    One day
    • At Rouge Beach you can enjoy a morning walk at the lakeshore, bird watching at the marshes, swimming, sun bathing, sand castles, spend an hour or so canoeing on the river. Then to Glen Rouge Trail Head for a short lunch break, and some hiking: the Cedar Trail has a mix of meadow and forest scenery, at Twyn Rivers Drive you can link to the Mast Trail which will take you south, through lush forests, back to the Glen Rouge Trail Head. On hot days, hike in the morning and visit the beach in the afternoon, but you may not see as many birds later in the day.
    • Add a stay at the Glen Rouge Campground to your full day of activities. Sleep under the stars! Camp sites vary from rustic to fully serviced.
    2 days or more
    In addition to a full day or two of activities in the Park, and a refreshing sleep at the Glen Rouge Campground you can merge your urban wilderness experience with a variety of sights, shops, restaurants and entertainment options in downtown Toronto.

    Kids going "wild in the city"

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    Seasonal specials

    • Wildflowers along the Riverside and Orchard Trails. Please look and take photos, but leave them for others to enjoy!
    • A variety of birds returning from winter migration to breed and spend summer in the marshes.
    • Early spring ice thaws at the river's mouth near Rouge Beach.
    • Look for Monarch butterflies, returning from a winter in Mexico, to meadows along the Cedar and Riverside Trails.
    • Cool walks in the lush forest of the Mast Trail.
    • Sleeping under the stars at the Glen Rouge Campground.
    • Early morning canoeing in the marshes and long, lazy afternoons on sandy Rouge Beach.
    • A view of the colourful autumn leaves of the valley forests from Glen Eagles Vista.
    • Deer browsing in the distance as they prepare for winter.
    • Crisp mornings and sunny afternoons along the Vista Trail.
    • Look for birds at Woodlands Area.
    • The lakeshore changes with the season and cold, clear days offer a long-distance view.
    • Snowy scenery makes for pretty photographs. Ice glistens in the afternoon sun of late winter days.

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    What do you want to see?

    Forests Beach Wetlands Rivers Meadows

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