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Park Visitors' and Trail Users' Code

Protect your park so we can all enjoy it now and in the future.

Rouge Park has over 12km of trails in Toronto for your enjoyment. These trails are in an environmentally sensitive area. Please help us to protect the natural environment by following this code.

Trails are in a Nature Reserve zone, therefore we must prohibit cycling to help protect sensitive ecosystems.

Avoid feeding or approaching wildlife. This Park is their home. Wild animals may display aggressive behaviour when feeling threatened. Feeding wild animals alters their diets and threatens the natural instincts and abilities they depend on for survival throughout the year.

Avoiding removing or damaging vegetation or other features in the Park. It is illegal to remove anything from a public park. Plants provide food and shelter for wild animals who rely on Rouge Park for habitat. Rocks, trees, and other features also serve a purpose in the natural environment. Please respect the sensitivity of these natural ecosystems.

All dogs must be leashed at all times. Please "stoop and scoop". Municipal by-laws in effect.

Stay on marked trails and observe trail closure signs. Trails are sometimes closed because they are not safe for users. Other times, they are closed to allow a damaged area to regenerate naturally.

Help prevent the erosion and damage to sensitive areas by staying on official, marked trails.

Carry your litter back out, along with any litter you find.

Help us by reporting fires, vandalism or illegal dumping. To report vandalism or illegal dumping, call the municipality. Fires are prohibited under municipal by-laws.

Avoid bringing firearms into teh park. Discharging firearms, including bows and crossbows, is prohibited. There is no hunting allowed in Rouge Park. Municipal by-laws in effect.

An Ontario fishing licence is required. Seasonal restrictions apply.

Please park only in designated areas.

For your safety, and to help us protect the natural environment, camping is not allowed in other areas of the Park.

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