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Rouge Park Map

We're a great, big park! At 40 square kilometres, Rouge Park is a reservoir of biodiversity in Canada's most heavily populated region, the Greater Toronto Area, and an essential natural area in Ontario's Greenbelt. Not only do we have lands in the Rouge River watershed, but also in the neighbouring Petticoat Creek and Duffins Creek watersheds.

Would you like to visit the Park?

There are many entrance points. The best place to start your visit depends on what activities you would like to do.

Visiting from out of town? These maps will give you a better idea of where the Park is.

Click on the map below to learn more, or see the Explore section for details about each visitor area, including trail maps and directions.

Rouge Beach Glen Eagles Campground Glen Eagles Vista Twyn Rivers Area Celebration Forest Woodlands Area
Celebration Forest
Glen Eagles Vista
Glen Rouge Campground
Rouge Beach
Twyn Rivers Area
Woodlands Area

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