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Vista Trail

Panoramic bluffs view of the Little Rouge Creek and Rouge River valleys.

Vast viewing platform gives views east across the Little Rouge Creek Valley and west across Toronto.

Access the trail and park in the roadway beside 1749 Meadowvale Road.

Easily accessible 1.5 km loop route access, at North Trail Head Pearse House only, also offers panoramic bluffs view of the Little Rouge Creek valley.

Steep grades on trail. Steps and steep sections may be slippery during wet or winter weather.

What will I see on this trail?

  • A mix of forest and meadow views offers a variety of plant and animal life.
  • Steep bluffs of the river valleys.
  • Guided walks on Vista meet at the Zoo Road meeting point. Click here for details on the meeting point.

Planning to visit? Be a responsible user.

Latest Trail Conditions

How Do I Get There?

Driving, TTC and Parking information

Twyn Rivers Trailhead:

View Twyn Rivers Parking/Trailhead in a larger map

Zoo Road Trailhead:

View Zoo Road parking/trailhead in a larger map
Vista Trail 1.6 km loop route

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